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FAQ for Ezy Mobile Games

Last Updated February 26, 2003

1. How often are your games updated?
We generally have between 10 and 20 new games each month.

2. How do I order a game from you?
Its very easy to order a game from us:

a) Make sure you have a compatible handset and that you have WAP enabled on your phone. This is essential.
b) When you know what game you'd like to play, make a note of the 6 Digit Order ID found at the top of the page.( e.g if you wanted to order Backgammon the Order ID will be 210121)
c) When you've made a note of the code then simply dial are Order Hotline on 09064 037907 from the UK or 1580 116556 from Ireland which is charged at £1.50 per min and the typical call length will be 4 mins!You must follow the instructions on the phone and you must complete the phone call!

a) After we receive your order we will send you a Bookmark. This Bookmark points to the page where your unique games file is held. It is very important that you "Save" this Bookmark.
When you are ready to download …
· Go to the "Services" menu
· Select "Bookmarks"
· Connect to the Bookmark, using the "Go To" option. (You will connect to a page that displays the name of the game and it's size.)
·Click Download. Once saved, your game will be in the "Applications" or "Java" folder. (Not in the "Games" folder.)

Your Game is now ready to play.
If you have any difficulties please call
Customer Service

For more information please check out the Before you order section and After you Order Section

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Mobile Phone Games & Java Games from Ezy Mobile Games - FAQs
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